Install Instructions

IRP V2 Turnbuckles Installation

The IRP Turnbuckles proper installation guide:
Install the Double Bands ( Grooves ), of the tie rod to the outer (steering arm end) if you are not using the IRP Stand Offs . ** ( IRP Recommends Using The Standoff Spacer Kit will Turnbuckles ) ** you will use the stock black plastic spacer on the outer tie rod end. You may use the stock lock nut on the inner tie rod end or replace it with the supplied nut. Once the install is complete you Must Make Sure that there is equal amount of threads showing on both sides of the center link. If this is not done, you will increase the chance of bending a rod end in severe use . After the install is complete, make sure the is no binding and the tie rods move freely when rotating them and the rod ends have equal range of movement when rotated.

Install Video Link

IRP Bi-Level Adustable Downforce Wing Instructions

To start simply install the supplied 12 button head screws.LEAVE THESE LOOSE until you set the desired degree angle of the upper wing plate. Once that is set tighten the bolts. To make adjustments simply loosen the bolts and re-set the upper plate to the desired angle

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IRP Quick Fill Fuel Kit

The IRP Quick Fuel System installation is very straight forward and simple but you will need to take your time and not over tighten the fittings..

** Note The Receiver Can Be Mounted Pretty Much Anywhere , The Following is Just One Example **

Step 1 : pick you location for the fuel fill receiver, this can be mounted pretty much in any location. the fuel fill receiver is assembled and ready to mount

Step 2 : take the remaining 2 brass fittings and carefully install the 2 rubber you will need to decide where the 2 fittings will be installed. these can be mounted in the tank or in the fuel cap. you will need to carefully drill 2 holes using a 5/32 drill bit, then you need to carefully install the fittings make sure not to overtighten these fittings, you will cut the orings, these just need to snugged up to prevent tearing and pulling the threads. once this step is complete run your fill line off the billit fuel fill and then run your vent line. i suggest making a complete loop in the vent line in case of a roll over, this will virtually eliminate fuel spill.

 * Note * Be sure to take into consideration the hot exaust header when re-fueling, then  pick the location for your fuel fill receiver.


Video Link

Video From dscjester from HBF using his Quick Fill Kit with His Cool Addition..Thanks Dave !!!

IRP StandOff Spacer Kit For Turnbuckles Installation

These must be used when running the FLM Extended A-Arms or there will be a binding issue. These will also increase range of motion (articulation) on the stock length tie rods as well. The kit consists of 4 -Billet stand offs and 2 -M4x22mm bolts. The stand off for the outer end is installed between the IRP Rod End and the steering arm, this will take the place of the stock plastic spacer. For the Inner Rod End side, the spacer will go between the rod end and the servo wiper arm. You will have to replace the bolts with the longer bolts supplied in the kit. In the end, if the spacers are installed properly they will be opposite from outer to inner.

Steel Rod Ends For The Upper Control Arms

This kit from IRP replaces the plastic rod ends on the upper control arms of Baja's, the kit is very straight forward as far as installation.

Step 1 - In the package you will find 2 bags marked front and rear. Let's start with the front so set the rear bag aside. First thing you need to do is remove the stock rod ends. Remove the stock bolt going thru the rod end but save this bolt. Then you will need to remove the top shock mounting bolts. Compress the shock so it can be moved outside the control arm. Now you will need to remove the inner bolt that goes thru the upper control arm and attaches the rod end. Be sure not to lose the plastic camber spacer inside the upper control arm. Then set the plastic rod and the stock bolt to the side, these are no longer needed. In the bag marked fronts you will find 2 steel rod ends, 4 high mis-alignment spacers and two bolts. Take 2 of the spacers and insert them thru the steel ball in the rod end opposite of each other and set it to the side for now. Now take 1 of the supplied new bolts and place it thru the upper control arm. This new bolt is slightly larger than the stock bolt so you may need to enlarge the hole in the control arm and the camber spacer. This new bolt is 1/4 " and the easiest way to accomodate it is to simply drill the hole out to 1/4" using a drill bit. Once the new bolt is thru the upper control arm, take the new steel rod and thread it onto the bolt, making sure to install the stock camber spacer. Run the rod end down until it bottoms out. Now place the shock back thru the control arm. Next take the stock bolt you set aside earlier and run this bolt thru the rod end and properly install the mis-alignment spacers, 1 on top and 1 on bottom. Reattach the control arm to the steering block. Install the shock top mounting bolts and you are done. Repeat this procedure on the other side. Once both side are done place the car on a flat, level surface and make sure you have the desired camber angle for the particular application.

 * NOTE You Must Use Limiting Cables or Limiting Straps *

* NOTE - For those of you running the FLM's, or any billet aftermarket control arms, there will be a considerable amount of extra time involved to get these installed . This is due to the billet arms not allowing the extra 1/4, to 1/2 turn that the plastic control arms allow when tightening the assembly down. You may have to play with different shim/washer thickness to allow for this. We at IRP assume that you have the ability to manage this as you know what a pain the installation of billet a-arms are to install in the 1st place. Also with the lack of instructions that come with billet a-arms, you were on your own when you initially installed them. So please, use the same patience when installing the IRP steel rod ends. These have been mounted up in your application and they will work. It just takes extra work and time on your end.

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