IRP V2 Turnbuckles

The New IRP V2 Turnbuckles have gone through a makeover, these are now made from 1/2" hex stock.
the original V1's were made out of 3/8" hex stock.
Since we changed the size we also re-located the hex portion of the centerlink to make adjustment easier by moving it inbound towards the center of tie rod.
These are much bigger, and stronger than the V1's, but only gained 3.88 grams of weight per assy.

The V2's come with " Standard " rod ends, but can be upgraded to the 4130 Chrome Moly " Basher Series " rod ends. see store for more details.

 The standard rod ends are radial load rated  @ 2074 lbs. The ball bearing is 52100 steel, precision ground, heat treated, hard chrome plated. The body of the rod ends are C1045 heat treated steel.

IRP Turnbuckles are available in 2 lengths. Stock length for the stock control arms and RPM control arms. They are also in an extended length for those of you running the FLM extended control arms. The IRP Turnbuckles consist of a Billet Center Link ,and 2 steel rod ends with jam nuts, sold as a pair.

** IRP Strongly recommends using the IRP Stand Off Spacer Kit with all Turnbuckles **

** Special Note, These do Not play well any Integy aftermarket parts, all IRP parts are built and designed on Stock specs and tollerances, Integy parts are Not **

Below is a pic of the V2's Versus the V1's

IRP Standoff Spacer Kit

The IRP Mis-Alignment Stand Off Spacer Kits consist of 4 billet 3 step spacers. These were designed for the FLM Extended turnbuckles due to the extreme angle of the suspension when fully compressed and fully extended. The extra length created a slight binding issue. The stand offs are a sleeve design that insert into the ball and act as a spacer that eliminates the binding issue. you must use these with the FLM's. During testing we found these are a nice addition to the stock length as well and eliminate any remaining steering slop. These come with 2 M4 x 0.7 stainless socket screws that are 22mm in length for the inner rod ends. These replace the stock 18mm length that come with the IRP Turnbuckles to allow for the extra space between the steering wiper arm and rod end.

IRP Stand Off Spacer Kit For Turnbuckles

IRP Quick Fill Fuel System

The IRP Quick Fill Fuel System is a remote fuel fill for your gasser. The system allows you to fill you ride without removing the body and gas cap. This will greatly reduce the amount of contamination of your fuel system. When the gas cap is removed any built up dirt, sand, mud, and grass can be introduced into the tank. By having a remote fuel fill elimnates this issue. Not to mention for those of you that have HPI 5T's, EDM's, VW Bug Bodies, you know what a hassle it is to remove the body to re-fuel.

This sysem is ideal for the racer and basher alike, for you racers out there you will gain precious time in the pits for re-fueling, you be in and out before the other guys even get the body off. as for the basher, the ease of just a quick gas and go will add that much more time to your bash session.

The system consists of :

1- 32oz LDPE Fuel Resistant Plastic Bottle
1- Custom machined Billet fuel tip with rubber cap
1- Billet fuel fill tube and clamp
1- rubber fuel fill receiver that has a 1 way valve type system
3- 1/8 male brass fittings for the fuel line
2- ft. of Tygon Fuel tubing.

IRP Quick Fill Fuel System

IRP Upper Control Arm Steel Racing Rod End Set

The Rears consist of :

2- M6 x 1.0 standard female steel rod ends
2- 10.5mm billet spacers
8- Camber washers
8- Steel high mis-alignment spacers

The Fronts consist of :
2- Standard steel female rod ends
2- Replacement bolts
8- Steel high mis-alignmnet spacers 

* Note You Must Use Limiting Cables or Limiting Straps *

Steel Racing Rod Ends For Upper Control Arms

IRP Front Only Steel Racing Rod Ends

2- Quality steel female rod ends
4- Billet stand offs
2- Hardened steel replacement bolts

* Note You Must Use Limiting Cables or Limiting Straps *

Steel Racing Rod Ends Front Only

IRP Rear Only Steel Racing Rods, For Hostile Hubs

2- Quality steel female rod ends
4- Billet stand offs specifically designed for the Hostile Hub
4- Jam nuts

IRP Rear Racing Rod Ends For Hostile Hubs

IRP  " 4 in 1 "Bumper  Race

The All in One design will eliminate the need to use multiple components to reach the end goal. I realize we did not re-invent the wheel here, but the unique built in Droop Plate incorporated in the design is New.

This is 4 Parts in One.
1) Front Bumper
2) Skid Plate
3) Chassis Brace/Stiffener
4) Droop Plate, or Suspension Travel Limiter


IRP Steel Wing Joint

This Steel Wing Joint Replaces the aluminum joint between the rear roll cage down tubes.

The kit consists of :

1- Steel 5/16 diameter powder coated hex tube 
2- Hardened socket head screws

IRP Steel Wing Joint

IRP Bi-Level Adjustable Downforce Wing

  We have worked very hard on this project for last few months and the end result is a functioning, adjustable downforce Bi Level Wing.

The wing is constructed of 5052 Aluminum, all parts are cut on a Water Jet so all the edges are super smooth. Once the parts are cut they are then tumbled in a ceramic media to smooth the surface areas. All of the holes are then chamfered.

The New Wing is 1/2" wider than the stock HPI plastic wing, the side boards are larger and longer for more " side " bite. The Upper plate, or Bi Level section is adjustable from a 15 degree angle up to a 33 degree angle, and anywhere in between. This is accomplished by slotting the inside mount of the upper plate.

To adjust the wing simply loosen the bolts to set the desired degree angle and re-tighten the bolts.

All of the hardware is stainless steel, consisting of 12 button head screws and nyloc nuts .

We were very conscious of the various pipes, and configurations of them in the design so there will be no conflicts, basically if your pipe fits with HPI stock wing it should fit with our wing.

The wing has been thoroughly tested and design changes were made along the way, no wing is bullet proof , but this one is pretty tough.

We sent the wing out to Brian Schapiro to do some testing on some high speed runs, 65 + mph in the grass and dirt , and the wing did improve handling, both in straight away runs and through high speed cornering. Brian will also be putting the wing through its paces on his Twin Baja @ speeds well over 90 mph in his quest to break the 100 mph barrier. We are proud to be a part of his quest .
UPDATE : We are proud to announce Brian just broke the 100mph barrier with our wing, 102mph, Congrats Brian !!

The Wing comes in a raw finish, if you want to paint it ,its ready to prime and paint. if you want to polish it, its ready for that as well.




 We have made some New Design Changes to these parts

We are making a few design changes to the hub adapters. We feel these are needed, these changes will make a good part better overall by addressing a few details.

These changes will add strength, reliability, appearance, and overall performance.

There are now some Big Ass, Monster Horse Power Motors being used in some of you guys rigs. 50’s , 70’s , twins, etc… so to combat these beasts we are making the following changes to the adapters,

1)    The center Boss of the hubs ( the hole in the center of the wheel ) is being lengthened 3/16” on the new hub. Todd @ BRP is using a 2 piece wheel for you guys , that left a small over hang off the center boss, it’s really a non issu e, but it is there, so we are addressing it. The original hubs were based off a ¼ scale wheel that is a single piece.

2)    We are adding length to the studs, at least ¼” . the reason for this is 2 fold. In some applications the guys are running both back spacing plates, which is fine in the current design, but in some cases they are wanting to add additional back spacing plates. Simple enough fix, add longer studs, but in some cases with the monster motors the lug holes were distorting, and in some cases actually ripping the nuts through the wheel. This leads to the 2nd part.

3)    We are now making, and including “ Flange Plates “ for the outer part if the wheel in the kit. Pic below . These plates are Machined 6061 Billet, lipped , and are a perfect fit on the BRP wheels. These not only add strength, they virtually will eliminate the  destruction of the wheel.. not to mention add a Bling factor.

IRP " Clipless " Front Hub Adapters for BRP Tires and Wheels


We have come up a new " Clipless " front hub adapter set for your Baja, allowing the use of the BRP ( Bishop Racing Products ) Tires and Wheels.

The BRP tires and wheels are a huge gain in traction, and they will Not " Balloon " with our high rpms. These tires are available in pretty much any compound, any diameter, and any tread pattern. there is No more need for expensive inner foams, beadlocks, etc.

BRP owns the 1/4 scale tire market, and you wont find a better set of tires anywhere.

These are unique to the market in design. We eliminated the troublesome e-clip from the backside of the hub, as you all have experienced these clips will pop off and your day of racing/bashing is usually over, or you are trying to find the lost tire and wheel.

In the design stage of this new hub we did Not just " cut off " the tip where the clip would be, we wanted to completly revamp the existing design, the material, and the overall lack of performance and handling gains that were left out by the previous design.

As you can see in the pics, the New clipless design took it to another level. We recessed the inner " Boss " or surface that is inside the 2 bearings of the hub carrier, this allowed us to use a specially designed " Flanged " retaining bolt and washer in place of the e-clip.

This flanged washer/ bolt combo, being recessed eliminates the problem of most e-clips mods that are currently in use. in about 95 % of the current mods you have to grind the bolt heads, or hack away at your lower control arm for clearance. This is Not the case with our new design, the bolt head is actually flush with the inner bearing outer surface when installed.

This looks simple enough in the end product , trust me this was not simple, but we have found that simple is not always the way to go when designing a new product .

We also used 6061 aluminum for the new hub. Each hub is cut from a solid piece of 2" round stock, all tollerances are triple checked for fitment and quality. There will be No need for any shims to get the " slop ", or end play, between the outer bearing and the inner surface of this new hub. We were very carefull with the design to make sure of this.

We purchased a brand new , stock HPI carrier, and a set of Brand New TFE Pro Series Bearings, to use as our baseline for tollerance .

We are all racers @ IRP, and between the " Core " group of us that design the products, have over 65 years experience in the hobby , and 1:1 race cars, as racers, and fabricators.

This leads to next part of the design that is unique to these hub adapters.

We sat down and discussed the need for a cost cutting measure when it comes to wheels and tires. Basically we all agreed that having multiple " offset " wheel combinations for improved handling on different track conditions was rediculous.

In 1:1 racing most guys dont have 3 or 4 different sets of offset wheels, we use whats called " Back Spacing Plates " . These plates go between the hub and the wheel to accomplish the same thing as the offset wheels. So you can just buy zero offset wheels and then stick these plates in place and get the desired handling, in turn saving a fortune.

We have done just that, each set of hubs will come with 2- 1/16" and 2- 1/8" , back spacing plates. These are constructed of 5052 aluminum and the holes are slightly slotted for easy installation and removal. These little jewels will Drastically alter the handling of the car, if the car is loose or tight , simply add or subtract plates at each wheel until you " dial her in " ...These are great for you oval guys.

As for the guys that are not racing oval these will also work as " wheel extenders ", simply place equal spacers at each wheel and you have gained a wider wheel base.

Each set comes with ,

2- Hub Adapters

4- Hardened Studs and lock washers

4- Low Profile Nyloc nuts

2- 1/8" Back Spacing Plates

2-1/16" Back Spacing Plates

2- New Outer Flange PLates




 IRP Rear Hub Adaptors For BRP ( Bishop Racing Products ) Tires


After extensive R & D, we have come up with a New Design Rear Hub Adapter for the HPI Baja 5 series that will allow the use of the World Famous BRP Tires and Wheels.

We are very proud of the new design, these take fitment and function to the next level, and we added a few goodies along the way.

To start with these adapters are cut from a solid chunk of 2" Round 6061 Aluminum then machined to our very rigid specifications. These are proudly Made in the USA, as is the case with All IRP Products.

The hubs are sold in pairs and include all the mounting hardware.

As for the Design, we decided to improve upon the current adapters on the market. We made sure the internal bore of the adapter fit properly over the " stub axle ", with zero modification.

We drilled the holes for the pins to 4mm and 5mm for you guys running the Phatdad 5mm pins.

We also added an O-ring Groove and Chemical Resistant o-ring as a back up saftey to keep the pin in place.

We found nothing more aggrecating than losing the pin, be it due to loose or stripped grub screw that holds the pin place.

We also included the " Back Spacing " plates, just like our clipless front adapters.

These plates will allow for simple wheelbase width adjustment, and also work as additional tunability. They are particularly valuable for you Oval Racers.

Each set comes with ,

2- Hub Adapters

2- Chemical Resistant o-rings

4- Hardened Studs and lock washers

4- Low Profile Nyloc nuts

2- 1/8" Back Spacing Plates

2-1/16" Back Spacing Plates

2- New Outer Flange PLates

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