Review Page

This New Page will be for my Reviews on other manufacturers products .

These reviews will be my Honest opinion of the parts and will Not be influenced by the manufacturer .

The 1st Review will be on the Cat 5 Manufacturing 30.5 Ported Motor

I just received this motor and it is installed .
I did manage to get 2 heat cycles on the motor yesterday 3/3/15 , and now just waiting on the weather to clear up to get some run time on it.

Preliminary thoughts:

The port work from what I could see through the exaust and intake looks very clean and well done .
The piston work Scott does is a work of art and can be clearly seen through the exaust side .
The motor came complete with the High Response clutch and 8000 spring , one thing nice about buying one of these is you can tell Scott what you want carb wise, color choice as well .

So far one of the most impressive things to me was the initial start up . below I am listing the exact procedure I went through , after filling with gas and double checking T/B linkage setting.
Walbro Stock 990 carb in my application
1) set carb needles at 1 3/4 H and 1 1/4 L
2) pushed the primer bulb until full, then 2 more pushes to prime the motor
3) Pulled the rope 1 time and she popped
4) Pulled the rop 2nd time and she fired right up

Now even at these settings and fuel ratio @ 20:1 the motor idled very nice , and on a few throttle blips had good response.
On the 2nd cycle I went ahead and and ran the rpm's up and down  never going over 3/4 throttle , or hanging long , sustained rpm range. I could definitely tell a difference in the snap of this motor.
I cant wait to get it out and run it , then I will will add to this review .

My next review will be on the Pro MX G320 piston port by Scott Finlay
My motor will be here tomorrow 3/5/15
So Stay Tuned !!

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